Stories by Sayantan Nandi

After a brief stint as a civil servant, Sayantan spent 35 years as a career professional. His assignments took him to different countries, including the US, the UK, Brazil and China. His last corporate assignment was as CEO of HCL Care.
He currently runs an advisory firm focused on People Management, Education, and Skill development.
Sayantan did his English Honours from Presidency College, Calcutta. He is certified in several behavioural and management programmes, including the Executive Leadership programme at INSEAD.
Sayantan enjoys communication and writes regularly in various newspapers and magazines, focusing on articles which have a socio-cultural slant. He is the co-founder of  The Thinkers' Club, an interdisciplinary platform which brings together ideas and experiences through blog posts, webinars and publications. 
Sayantan usually reads more than one book at a time and suspects that he suffers from tsundoku syndrome. Mahler, Monet and Messi remain his eternal favourites.