Pastconnect is a publisher of  stories and anecdotes from real life experiences of people around the world!

People lead lives as events unfold and history is made. Ordinary lives are often reflections of human experiences of events of  the past, their anecdotes of daily lives providing an animated chronicle of history.

Even a simple slice of life unrelated to any grand episode in human history is worth retelling because it makes for good reading. 

Many of us have grown up listening to stories about the lives of our parents and grandparents. Some of us have lived through times of transition and change. There were times of wars at home and abroad, riots and disturbances, partition and resettlement, recession and recovery, migration and rehabilitation. They were interesting times which may have been difficult and challenging but people lived as normally as they could; they fell in love, married and raised families in happiness and hope, even as tragedy and despair loomed large. Some of these stories have been recorded though many still remain untold.

Story of Pastconnect

The brainchild of author and historian Tapti Roy and technology expert Animesh Basu the purpose of this project is to gather these scattered stories and real life sketches and build an archive of memories. Pastconnect started as a community project in 2015 with Joan 

Duncan a 87 year old resident of Cambridge, UK, saying she needs an on-line platform to post her life stories for her grandchildren to read and keep as family memoirs. Joan’s stories were the beginning of a journey that has today gone global.  The posts  are narrated and written by different people from their inherited  family memories or have many of their own, in their own manner, giving every story a special flavour. As qualified historians we also add an historical backdrop to some stories as annotations and notes.

The stories are not limited to any geographical or national space but represent an era. A life of a man or a woman raised in Norfolk could resonate with others born in Krakow, Sienna or Bombay. Lives are connected by virtue of the inevitable; they are divided by human design.

Our idea is to create a global library of real life stories available for wider reading. Each contributor is responsible for what is being written and published. The editor will add notes of explanation and context wherever necessary, in consultation with the writer. If it is not her or his own story, the writer must be related to the person she or he is writing about. We expect the contributions to be descriptions and not opinions.

Pastconnect archives stories for the present and future generations to evoke their interests in the past which is otherwise a dry catalogue of dates and events they reluctantly hear and read. Diaries of lives, it is hoped, will touch the present as our children and grandchildren prepare themselves for their own challenges in future.

Pastconnect offers a platform to publish,  share and preserve personal histories and real life stories.



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