Stories by Lt. Col. G.L. Bhattacharya

After retiring from service, Lt. Col. Bhattacharya took the Ll.B. degree from Calcutta University to prove to himself that his mental faculties were intact and practised in Bankshall Court and Calcutta High Court till 1982. He also studied the B.Ed. course in St. Xavier’s College when his son was a Lecturer in English there and also taught spoken English in the Institute of English. He also written extensively. His writings include: The Prophet of Islam, inspired by Sri Aurobindo calling him “Yogi shrestha” (Best of yogis). Krishna of the Gita: reflections and the necessity for re-grouping the text of the Gita ( A response to K.D. Sethna’s “Two Puzzles in the Gita” in the light of his own sadhana. A seven act Bengali play on the last nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-daulah based on extensive research (Dasgupta & Co. 54/3 College Street, Kolkata-700073). A treatise on the Portuguese Empire in India (unpublished); Memoirs of his early years (unpublished); On the parable of the widow’s mite in the Gospel of St. Mark for a book by Fr. Oswald Summerton S.J. Born in 1918, Lt. Col. Bhattacharya passed away in 1988